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Can you afford a lawyer?

There are two ways to hire a lawyer: money up front or contingent fee. Most people do not have money up front to pay for a lawyer, especially right after their lives are turned upside down. Free market economics created the contingent fee. This allows anyone to hire a lawyer to protect their rights. If everyone can enforce their rights to be safe from negligence, then we're all safer for it.

The Panesar Law Firm takes injury cases on a contingent fees. If there is no recovery, then you owe nothing. Not even case expenses. If there is a recovery, then the fee is an agreed upon percentage of the recovery.

This also means the Panesar Law Firm sets a high standard before accepting a case. Each case takes a substantial amount of time and money to investigate and bring to trial. If the case has no merit, then there will be no recovery, and all the time and money will be lost.