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I've been in six car wrecks. Not one my fault. I don't want to be in another one. I'm sure you don't want to be in a car wreck either. Making negligent drivers and their companies pay is my mission. My calling is to seek justice for the wronged, lift the oppressed, and do right for the least of His people.

Car wrecks are an epidemic. Killing more than 3,500 people and injuring over 250,000 people every year on Texas Roads. A person is killed every 2 hours, 20 minutes. A person is injured every 1 minute, 59 seconds. A reportable crash occurs every 57 seconds. This carnage does not have to happen. Following simple Rules of the Road would eliminate the vast majority of crashes. Drivers must pay attention to the road, keep a safe distance, drive at a safe speed - and that means not too fast AND not too slow, drivers must yield the right of way when merging, exiting, turning, drivers must obey traffic signs and signals, and drivers must turn their heads to look in their blind spots before changing lanes. Professional drivers must be even more careful with their larger and heavier vehicles. All drivers must be sober to drive. No excuses. In 2016, the Texas economy lost $38,600,000,000 - that's $38 billion, 600 million dollars lost, because of car wrecks. See the Texas Department of Transportation Crash Statistics.

Family is priceless and irreplaceable. A life can never be brought back. An injury can never be undone. Medicine can only dull the pain or mend the damage; science still cannot take away the damage done. Money is a poor consolation prize compared to these losses, but it is the only thing the law allows and the only thing that can do to help. Our Constitution guarantees the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When all else is taken away, all we have left are our rights.

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