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Q:  Do I need an attorney?
A:  Yes. At the moment you have an injury, you need to begin gathering evidence. Photographs, video recordings, witnesses must be gathered.
Q:  Why do I need an attorney if I have nothing to hide?
A:  The insurance industry's goal is to fight you by delaying, denying, or defending against your claim.
Q:  Are all lawyers the same?
A:  No.  First, there are several areas of specialty, such as criminal law, bankruptcy law, real estate law, commercial law, immigration law, family law, and probate law.  If you have been injured, you need an attorney who practices personal injury law. Even among personal injury lawyers, there is a vast difference in expertise in the type of injury you suffered, such as medical malpractice, products liability, car wrecks, and premises liability.
Q:  Are all personal injury lawyers the same?
A:  No.  There are lawyers who will take cases to trial, and there are lawyers who could not tell you where the courthouse is.  Insurance companies know which lawyers fight for their clients and which lawyers will take their low-ball settlement offer.
Q:  Can my lawyer help me get medical help?
A:  Yes. There are situations where a lawyer can refer you to get appropriate medical care and issue a Letter of Protection, promising to protect the doctor's charges for reasonable and necessary medical expenses from any recovery from the insurance company.
Q:  How long will my case take to get resolved?
A:  Every case is different and I cannot tell you exactly how long it will take to get the case resolved.  First you have to finish treatment, then the adjuster has to look at the case.  If the insurance company refuses to offer a full and fair settlement, then it is up to you to reject the offer and move the case forward.
Q:  Will making a claim cost me money?
A:  No. My fees and expenses are contingent upon recovery.  If there is no recovery, then there is no fee or expense owed.
Q:  Should I submit any part of my claim on my insurance - it's the other driver's fault?
A:  Yes. The other driver's insurance company will delay, deny or just defend against your claim, which could leave you without a vehicle or immediate financial support for medical expenses and lost wages.  However, you need to have first party coverage.  If all you have is liability coverage, then you have no first party coverage.
Q:  Should I try to work while I am treating?
A:  Ask the doctor. Your physical ability to work is a medical judgment call. If the doctor does tell you to stay off work, get documentation from your employer how much you earn net of taxes, when you first missed work due to your injury, and when you returned to work.  The time you miss from work due to your injuries can be compensated.
Q:  My main goal is to stop this from happening again. How does filing a lawsuit do that?
A:  Trial by jury was created to protect the community and get closure in disputes. The Jury Verdict represents the conscience of the community, the voice of the people. If the jury speaks loud enough with its verdict, it will change people and corporation's behavior and get them to follow safety rules to protect all of us from harm. The right to trial by jury is guaranteed by the 7th Amendment to the United States Constitution.