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If in a crash:

1. Call 911. If you suspect you or someone may be injured, call 911 and report the emergency. If not injured or minor injuries and no dispute to what happened, take a picture of the scene, then move the cars to a safer place. Exchange information.

2. Gather information. Photograph the DRIVER'S LICENSE and AUTO LIABILITY INSURANCE CARD of all drivers involved. Front & back. If talking to a witness, ask for their license or ID, and ask for a phone number. Report the crash to your insurance company after you are free to leave the scene or first able to.

3. Document the Scene. Photograph and video record the scene of the crash or injury, as best and as safe as you can. Other traffic may not see you, especially at night or foggy weather. Get away from the vehicles, until traffic stops. Don't make a small wreck, a big tragedy. If you can move your vehicles out of the way, do so. But photograph the scene before moving vehicles.

The Panesar Law Firm is a civil trial law firm. We represent people with injuries caused by negligence, or worse. From the very beginning, to the very end, the Panesar Law Firm will fight for your rights under the law and justice against all responsible Defendants. Panesar Law Firm accepts referrals from other lawyers. The Panesar Law Firm guides people through the civil justice system.

Most cases are taken on a contingent fee, which means if there is NO RECOVERY, there is NO FEE. Not even expenses.

The 7th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees our right to a jury trial in civil disputes involving $20.00 or more. Along with the right to vote, Justice by the People is a cornerstone of the American democracy and freedom from tyranny. The jury's verdict is the law of the land. Rendering real consequences for carelessness, or worse.

The purposes of injury lawsuits are to fully and fairly compensate the injured person, deter this defendant and others similarly situated from doing the same thing, and shift the economic costs to the person or company that caused it. Ritchie v. Rupe, 443 S.W.3d 856, 889 (Tex. 2014); Roberts v. Williamson, 111 S.W.3d 113, 118 (Tex. 2003). Make the negligent person or company pay, so the rest of us do not have to. Most wrongdoers feel guilt for the damages they have done to others and need forgiveness. To get there, the wrongdoer must make amends - to make it right. Closure brings peace and safety to the people involved, and ultimately the community.

The insurance company has a team of investigators and lawyers looking for ways to delay, deny, or defend against your claim. Hire a team ready, willing, and able to fight for your rights.

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