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The insurance company has a team of lawyers, investigators, and experts to defeat your claim. You need a team to fight for truth and justice.
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The Panesar Law Firm represents people injured or killed in car wrecks, 18 wheeler crashes, and falls.
Car wrecks and 18 wheeler crashes are the leading cause of accidental death. Drivers who choose to drive intoxicated, distracted, or sleep behind the wheel are a danger to all of us.
Falls are the second leading cause of accidental death. Commercial property owners, like your neighborhood grocery store, school, hospital, mall, or shopping center, know this. They also know they must regularly inspect and maintain the property to keep all of us safe.
If irresponsible drivers and property owners cannot follow safety rules, they must be held responsible and account for all the harms they cause. Sometimes it takes a jury to send a message and get others to obey safety rules. That is why we must protect the 7th Amendment to the United States Constitution - the right to trial by jury in disputes greater than $20.00.
To make communities safer, safety rules must be followed or enforced by juries as the conscience of the community. The Panesar Law Firm is here to help get closure. Thank you for visiting this site. Please be safe.
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